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Elizabeth Collins has worked for many years as a psychologist in private practice following a career as an educational psychologist and consultant. Her interests lay in the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of children and their parents and adults both at home and in the workplace. Helping people to manage their lives through therapy and education led to further studies in NLP, Accelerated Learning, hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique , kinesiology, mediation and conflict resolution.

In addition to being a qualified teacher, Elizabeth has a Master’s degree in psychology, and a Master’s degree in management. She has lectured at the University of Western Sydney in management and educational psychology and has provided numerous workshops in assertiveness, stress and anxiety management, goal setting and conflict resolution.

She combines her experiences as a therapist and teacher with a multi-disciplinary approach in writing about the challenges that people face when they struggle to stand up for themselves. Her interest in assertiveness came from a desire to help people with their relationships and give people the tools to overcome their fears of offending or being rejected by others when they say ‘No’ to something they don’t want to do.

Elizabeth has lived with her husband in Sydney for many years where they have raised two beautiful daughters. She maintains balance in her life by being close to nature, listening to music, being an avid reader and practicing yoga.

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