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Robin G. Austin is a native of southern California who migrated to Arizona and then on to Washington state. She has been a mystery to many and mostly to herself over more years than she will reveal. Her favorite author will always be Edgar Allen Poe.

A life-long vegetarian, yoga enthusiast, ancient alien theorist and cat lover, she spends her time trying to find her true calling before she exists this planet. After 25 years in the legal professional, she is also trying to reclaim her sanity and decency.

There have been many mysteries written but none before published what came from the dark recesses of her mind. Upon discovering that she liked writing cozy novels, there was no turning back. The Sasha and Sebastian Mulberry Mystery Series is the first in her cozy world but there are many, many characters in her head that are just dying to get out.

Please visit the author's website to download Grams' Secret Spice Mix, learn more about Mulberry and sign up for new releases and other cozy stuff.

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