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Collection 1

Collection 1

Four short stories

A Romance fairytale that stretches the imagination for believers and non-believers. Zoe White chokes on an apple in the present. In another era, Prince Charming comes upon a beautiful young woman lying in state So in awe of her beauty he kisses her red lips and Zoë awakens to find she’s staring at the handsomest man she has ever laid her eyes on. Zoë hears the name Snowy uttered by some little men making her believe she’s in some sort of coma and insists that her name is Zoë, not Snowy. The prince takes her home to his castle, and she’s enthralled, living this fairytale dream and falls in love with him. On her wedding day she receives a mysterious gift of a necklace, thinking it’s from the prince, Zoë wears it. But it was sent by the wicked witch and turns into a serpent to strangle her. Once again, she awakens to discover her life was saved, this time, by the kiss of a real Prince Charming

A modern story about a two hundred year old female spirit, Trista Walton who sold her soul to the Dream Weaver when he promised to send her a soul mate. In a drunken rage Brock Werner loses control of his car and although injured, he makes it to an old abandoned house. He awakens to find the place is haunted by a beautiful spirit who tells him that he is dead. At first he refuses to believe her, but he soon falls in love with her. After weeks of bliss, Brock awakens to discover that he has been in a coma. He later returns alive to the house which confuses Trista. Dream Weaver gives her another chance to live and she enters the body of a woman who had just died. She returns to the house to learn that Bock has recently died and is haunting the place. But she can see him and they rekindle their love again.

A Romance/ Fantasy. Geena Troy robs from the wealthy to provide for her community that live in the forest. They appear with a mist, and after a while they disappear. One day while robbing a stagecoach, she accidentally shoots the marshal. To save his life she must take him to her people. Wallace Preston wakes in a lodge confused as to how he arrived there. No matter how hard Geena fights the attraction she falls in love with Lace but she knows she can’t let her heart win because she and her people will be gone when the mist disappears. But no matter, she makes love to the man then runs away. Lace follows her to a hideout where he discovers who she is. He resigns his marshal post and they find happiness together.

A Paranormal Romance about a witch, Renny Rayleigh. At the age of twenty-six she’s been a detective for many years. Hired by a young women to spy on her fiancé, Renny discovers the man is cheating on her client. Anwar Radcliffe is accused of cheating by the lady detective based on information that’s not true. To get even, he hires Renny to trap her in another lie. When she discovers that he made a fool out of her, she uses witchcraft on him after he kisses her. After Anwar discovers that Renny used magic on him, he’s enraged and she’s confused to discover that her witchcraft doesn’t work on him. Later, she confront him in a restaurant and again her magic fails to work. Angered, he takes her up stairs and makes love to her and proposes marriage.

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