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Liphar Magazine issue 4

Liphar Magazine issue 4


on Literature, Photography and Art
It is 2015 , do you know where your mind has been? I hope so, because Liphar Magazine has been traversing with a mix of stimulating material in this energized issue.


The Teminator: Greatest Love Story Ever Told
The Big Lie
We Need to Create a Storm, America!
Edgar Cayce's Earliest Psychic Readings
The Power of Names


Chasing a Lead
Nothing Man
The God Of The Donkeys
A Question of Balance
The Orphan

By the likes of these authors

Matthew James Dodson
Graeme Stirling
Eden Langlands
Katie Mettner
Steven W. Wise
James Bryron Love
Doug Simpson
Rebecca L. Frencl
Malobi Sinha
M. El-Omaha
Lori Schafer
Malobi Sinha

Simply a wow issue get yours copy now

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