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Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder

One nightmarish day, during the Civil War, a strong, southern woman, Melissa St. Andrew loses her parents and her sister is raped by Union soldiers.
While journeying west she is abducted by Blue Thunder, a handsome White Mountain Apache.
Both being strong willed individuals, they fight the strong attraction as they travel through the hot desert.
At his village, Melissa subsequently saves his life after a serious injury but she’s attacked by a jealous Indian maiden, who wants her dead.
Her life is spared but while Blue Thunder is unconscious from his injury, the chief sends her to a fort.
Blue Thunder discovering Melissa missing, goes after her and brings her back to the tribe.
Once Melissa is accepted, she and Blue Thunder wed, but still, their life doesn’t run smoothly as they have to contend with hate, and prejudice.
This is book 1 in the series

This leads to two sequels, Love by Dawn, and Star Gazer.

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