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Interrogate Webdesigners

Interrogate Webdesigners

This book will walk you thru everything you need to do before you hire a Webdesigner or web developer.

Aspects of

The Jargon 

-- what they are talking about
Decide First

-- tells you what you need to prepare before you start looking
Web Designer Questions 

questions to ask your webdesigner
Basic SEO

lets you understand what SEO is all about
Who Owns the Code

the realities of code ownership
Web Hosting-

what you need deciding on what kind of hosting you will require is important
Arranging Payments 

setting up the contracts in your favor
Web Design Concepts 

layouts and design aspects and what to avoid

Are all covered  so you have a basic understanding of every process

This is part of the Interrogate Series

it has a spercial intro price of only 99cents

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