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Liphar Magazine Issue 3

Liphar Magazine Issue 3

Liphar on Literature, Photography and Art
Still hanging in there campers? I hope so, because Liphar Magazine has been traversing with a mix of stimulating material in this energized issue.

Behind the Lens: Wojciech Toman with his view on HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, as opposed to "traditional" photography.
Joyce Dickens refers to her photography work as "Infused Artography" and considers herself a contemporary photographer/digital artist.

Art for Life: Carolyn Roper plunges us into the world of body painting, where this unfamiliar fantasy domain to most, is brought to reality.

Articles: Post Net Fiction, states literary fiction is seriously off the rails where the need to right again this once powerful and beautiful voice of real discovery and language.
Criterion of Beauty, challenges that art has no exact science of the beautiful and pleasurable; it just makes us more human with our own rational freedom.
Scrazzle, the new kid on the block, which seeks to invade Twitter territory by one upping what Twitter offers.

Thought Food: Advent of belief, where the real question is, why do you believe what you do?

Stories: A Game of Cards, where two ghosts sit at a square granite table and one says, "I am starting to think this ghost business isn’t all you made it out to be."
Maladjusted  A twisted tale
MOO, "To believe in dreams is a manifestation of insanity." Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
Trains by the River, why did Hamlet trouble about ghosts after death, when life itself is haunted by ghosts is so much more terrible? Chekhov, Notebooks, 1892-1904

Wojciech Toman, a 27-year-old landscape and HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographer from Warsaw, Poland enlightens us in an interview. His stance on HDR is more of a realistic approach than ‘traditional’ photography, because it allows images to be created with a dynamic range that is closer to reality. Love or hate it!
Two of the most innovative and influential American photography masters of 20th century photography, Ansel Adams and Edward Weston inspired Joyce Dickens to pick up a camera. She refers to her work as "Infused Artography" and considers herself a contemporary photographer/digital artist.
With major industry awards, a double World Body Painting Champion and recognised as one of the best body artists in the world today, Carolyn Roper plunges us into the world of body painting. Where seeing is believing with her images in an interview, this unfamiliar domain to most, fantasy is brought to reality.

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