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Liphar Magazine Issue 1

Liphar Magazine Issue 1

Liphar (pronounced Lifer) Magazine is proud to announce the launch of its first issue. A new and exciting on-line magazine with a theme dedicated to Literature, Photography and Art.

Key elements will include sourcing articles about literature, photography and art as promotion on Social Media and blogs for writing tools, publishing, photography tips, art and current trends. There will also be regular columnists, thought provoking articles, informative interviews and general information.
While Liphar Magazine covers literature, photography, art subjects and trends, the features in each issue also span a variety of fields that appeal to those who enjoy these genres and want something more from the experience other than reading about the technicalities.

This edition will include by author Taylor Fulks, an article about her latest book. And in her own words..."My novel is very dark, disturbing and GRAPHIC. It is a controversial book about Child Sexual Abuse."

Interviews with Erotica author Karena Marie and nature photographer Murray Coleman will also be featured.

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