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Stolen Heart

Stolen Heart

In 1861 Ybeth Lancaster is forced to marry a man she doesn’t love.

So on her wedding day she flees to the harbor and hides in a lifeboat only to discover she is in a pirate’s ship.

Meanwhile rejection leads to murder deceit and vengeance all in the name of money, money promised to her soon to be husband.



The captain disguises her as a boy and she joins the crew pirating the high seas.

At the end of the Civil War they attack an American ship taking its cargo.

Ybeth’s gaze is drawn to a handsome crewman who stirs an unfamiliar emotion all too new to her. Years later,

Ybeth now commands the vessel and when her ship becomes damaged by a storm, it’s the young handsome man who comes to her rescue.

When Booth Marshall discovers that a ship in distress is the pirate ship that had attacked his father’s vessel and stole his father’s cargo,

he wants revenge. When he discovers that the new captain is a female, he steals her cargo and takes her onto his ship with thoughts of revenge but Ybeth winds up stealing his heart.


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