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Bertram & Gertrudes Extra Sensory Spy

Bertram & Gertrudes Extra Sensory Spy

Bertram & Gertrude, our intrepid sleuths

 embark on their second adventure in Amsterdam, working under cover for The Netherlands General Intelligence and Security Service.  With their chums, Hoofdcommissaris Zwaard, his girlfriend Agent Grietja, Agents Dolk, Caspers, Maartje and the crack team of Ground Surveillance Dwarves, they set out to foil a dastardly plot to kidnap a Top Research Scientist and steal a secret Government formula for a remote viewing drug.  On the way they meet up with old chums Albert Dock and the Scousers who contribute their roguish humour to the fight for fair play and justice.  Their combined efforts take on the secret security forces of America, Russia and Great Britain.  Can Bertie's bizarre brand of spying, win the day?  With his bumbling but brilliant counter intelligence skills, he proves a daunting adversary for the evil Minister and his Kik-Squad.  The main obstacle to complete and utter success is, of course, Bertie's inability to master anything resembling technology or gadgetry, although he can sniff out a Cumberland sausage and have it sizzling in the frying pan before you could say “second breakfast”.
As well as her spying activities, Gertrude manages to do a spot of match-making and together, she and Bertram make a significant contribution to cordial international relations – unless you happen to be a bad person...

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