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Romance Novels

WE have the Queen of the 99 cent romance novels and we will be expanding her book list to include all 37 of her Historical and Sci-Fi Romance
(over 10,000 of her books sold since march 2014)

Sci-Fi EBooks

Strange and distant worlds will beckon you will with chilling stories from the likes of
James Bryron Love and others

Self Help

Always popular and we provide many ways to improve your self and your mind. "Live Assertively Love Your Life" , "Harvesting the Dream" and many others

Fantasy - Humour --Witches and More

A growing list that you need to check out

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We specialize in free and low cost publications for our distribution. Available in many formats like EPUB MOBI PDF as well as paper back editions.
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Current titles Therese A. Kraemer

Star Gazer

Love Bachelor Style

Throwaway Groom

Love by Dawn

Current titles James Bryron Love

Demon Soup

Soul Equinox


Harvesting the Dream

Fiona McAndrew

Fantasies From The Kitchen Sink

Elizabeth Collins

Live Assertively Love Your Life

James Blanchette

Interrogate SEO


Liphar Short Stories Vol 1

Minstal Dawn

Taken By The Huntsman

Coming Soon

Screaming Hot

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